Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jamie Foxx is an idiot.

Pop quiz hot shot... What do you do after just coming off an amazing year in which you were nominated for two Academy Awards - One for your amazing performance as Ray Charles and the other for a great supporting performance in Collateral... You go out and sign yourself up for the biggest big-budget bag of shit you can find. Is there really any way Jamie Foxx could have been sitting in on this pitch and actually thought - "Yes, what a great concept... This is definitely going to be great for my career. What was that you said? - You guys got the director of XXX onboard? That's it, I'm sold..."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Laguna Beach and Ricky Williams - both back for another season.

Yesterday was a big day for Gucci toting teens and dirty, dirty hippies alike. It marked the first episode of Laguna Beach Season 2, and also Ricky Williams' return to the NFL. First and foremost - Laguna Beach. This season appears to have a bunch of potential... I like the new characters - already plenty of shit talking. The new chick in the white Mercedes is going to throw a wrench in Kristen's game. Also - is it just me or is it kind of weird that everyone really wants to say Matt Leinart, but no one does?
Now on to Ricky... apparently everyone down in Miami is greeting his return with open arms. In an interview with the AP Zach Thomas was quoted -“I'm all about now and the present, I don't look toward the past or the future … I just want to win.” Seth McKinney was also asked if any of Ricky's plays stood out, he was quoted -“Oh, quite a few of them actually. He ran the ball well … We all want him back. He's a great player.” When Ricky was asked how he felt after his first day of practice he said - "I feel great, and the amazing thing about playing on this hybrid grass is you can practice on it all afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt that night..." He then asked the crowd "Anyone holding?" and stepped behind the club house with a passerby. As far as I am concerned the verdict is out - I am hoping he'll come back a power, but he has lost a lot of his weight.... we'll see.

Lance Retires a Legend.

I don't really feel the need to go back and recap all that Lance has accomplished - we all know what he has overcome... Just thought I would pay homage to the only man to ever win 7 Tours in a row... He is arguably the greatest cyclist ever and has definitely changed the sport of cycling in the US forever. Plus he's a Texan from Austin. We'll miss you Lance.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight's worst nightmare.

Check it out - my dad just found this sucker stuck on our fence out behind the back of our house (in Big Spring). Looks like it just ate a havelina... good thing we've got an electric fence. Ha!!! Just kidding, I got this in an email from Sterling earlier today. They found this beast outside an Exxon refinery in Angola, South Africa. Imagine walking through the jungle and all the sudden you feel those teeth sink into your thigh - next thing you know this mother's got you in the death squeeze. As you gasp for your last breath, you feel your rib cage and sternum cracking under the pressure... not good. Since we are on the subject, I kinda feel the need to speak on the absurdity of the true-to-life movie, Anaconda. If you have seen this movie, you know what I am talking about. Their biggest problem is the actual snake -when they show it slithering through the reeds or on wrapping around the boat, it's CGI'd to the max, doesn't look real at all. In contrast, when there has to be a tight shot of the snake head and the actors, the snake pretty much looks like it was made by guy who makes sock puppets for a living - might as well be a muppet... unbelievable. There are plenty of other things wrong with that movie too, but I don't have the energy to go through 'em right now - have a pleasant evening.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

America... Fuck Yeah!

... actually I don't guess you can really say that since only 2 of the 9 are actually American (Lance and George - pictured here) - but hey, I'll take it. Just in case anyone haven't seen the Tour recently, Team Discovery is pretty much lighting it up - and we're not just talking about Lance here. Today another team member, Paolo Salvotelli pulled off a stage win (couldn't find a picture of Salvotelli) - this is right after the George Hincapie pulled off the biggest win in his career on Sunday when he dominated the hardest stage in the Tour. So not only do we have Lance in the yellow jersey and Popovich in the white jersey, we've also got our Domestiques winning stages left and right... Team Disco is realy dominating the field. Let's hope that everything stays in tact and they carry Lance into Paris safely. He's only 2:42 ahead of Basso and 5:58 ahead of Jan, which is perfect as long as Lance doesn't get mixed up in a crash in between here and Paris - 7 consecutive Tour wins!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Wedding Crashers is mildly entertaining and somewhat overrated.

Yesterday I went to see Wedding Crashers. First let me preface that I was hoping to pull a last minute persuade to see Charlie vs. the Chocolate Factory or War of the Worlds - but at the same time I was kind of thinking that this Old School-esque movie would be pretty enjoyable. So I go ahead with the original plan to see Wedding Crashers - and found it pretty mediocre. To be fair, there a couple good things about this movie. First - I am glad to see that Hollywood has finally started to lighten up and revert back to the good ol' days of packing their mainstream comedies full of topless girls. A nice precedent was set in the 80's (i.e. Caddyshack, Back to School, Meatballs 1-3), and I'm glad to see studio execs recognizing their value and bringing 'em back. Second - there are some funny parts in the movie - Rachael McAdams boyfriend in particular is probably my favorite character, what a turd.
What I didn't like about this movie - the dialogue between the two leads seemed really forced and awkward a lot of the time. Especially at the first of the movie when they are having to explain to each other how much they love weddings and all the techniques they use to pull off these crashes - haven't they been doing this for years? Do they need to talk about it? There has to be a less obvious way of setting up the situation. What really, really bugged me about this movie was how much all the people in the audience were loving every second of it... all the cliche jokes, all the parts that we have already seen in the trailer, all the physical humor (Vince Vaughn getting repeatedly tackled) - all of it. Was it really that funny? Did I miss something? Most likely not.
All in all, the movie is somewhat entertaining I guess, it would probably be a good rental. But, it certainly does not live up to the expectations of Old School and it definitely does not deserve all the cred it has been getting.

Fraser story pulled due to incriminating content.

Due to a pending court case, there has been a request to pull the Fraser story. My sincere apologies to all that were hurt or incriminated due to the content of this blog.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vino wins mountain stage 11

Well what do you know... that sneaky bastage, Alexandre Vinokourev from Kazakstan won stage 11 today. Here is a picture of him crossing the finish line. Borat was in attendance and very proud. After yesterday's stage, I thought that maybe he was a little overhyped, but he came out firing today I guess. I haven't got to watch it yet, but plan on doing that on my lunch break while eating either a Quizno's sub or a Chipotle burrito - we'll see how I feel. Lance is still in the yellow jersey, but I think that Vino gained a minute or so on him today...

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