Friday, November 30, 2007

New Music :: Bang Camaro

If you like awesome 80's arena anthem rock you will love Bang Camaro. Where do I even begin? First off, the band is a collection of musicians from various indie bands in Boston that have come together to play the music they loved growing up... it consists of three guitarists, a bass player, a drummer and about 20 dudes that sing vocals and get ripped on stage. They don't really take themselves too seriously, every 80s metal cliche is played up big time! The content of their songs are pretty great as well, especially - "Swallow The Razor", "Nightlife Commando", and "Push Push Lady Lightning". This band is pure dude rock, and incredibly fun to listen to. Cravens needs to check them out and give me a report, I bet it is quite an experience. I know a lot of you have no interest in something like this, but you have to agree it's always good to see something new and different. Here is a sample song and a clip from one of their shows.

Bang Camaro - Push Push Lady Lightening

Looks like a blast!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Amy Winehouse is no good.

Insert your rehab joke here.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So exactly how big of a nerd are you?

Take this Nintendo Quiz and find out! I believe my favorite Nintendo game would be Ghosts and Goblins, followed by Mega Man 2
Nintendo Historian Quiz by Mental Floss

Coolest Day Ever!

The music accompaniment we are dealing with here is prettty much where it's at.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The name is Leon.

Whatup Hal! Hahaha! What's going on boy!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Rivers & Tides :: Andy Goldsworthy

Here's something that I don't think a whole lot of people are familiar with... the works of Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy is a Scottish artist who makes sculptures in nature. The incredible thing about his work is that they only live in time, the sculptures are usually destroyed in a matter of hours by the tide, wind, or sun. The two subjects from which he draws his inspiration are the ocean and the river. Thus the name of his documentary, Rivers and Tides. It came on last night and it is unbelievable. Most of his sculptures consist or rocks, wood, leaves, and ice - he spends hours and hours on them only to watch the wind or the ocean tear to them pieces. It is really interesting to see him work and his sculptures are incredibly inspiring. Here is a clip from the documentary and some photographs of his work.