Wednesday, July 20, 2005

America... Fuck Yeah!

... actually I don't guess you can really say that since only 2 of the 9 are actually American (Lance and George - pictured here) - but hey, I'll take it. Just in case anyone haven't seen the Tour recently, Team Discovery is pretty much lighting it up - and we're not just talking about Lance here. Today another team member, Paolo Salvotelli pulled off a stage win (couldn't find a picture of Salvotelli) - this is right after the George Hincapie pulled off the biggest win in his career on Sunday when he dominated the hardest stage in the Tour. So not only do we have Lance in the yellow jersey and Popovich in the white jersey, we've also got our Domestiques winning stages left and right... Team Disco is realy dominating the field. Let's hope that everything stays in tact and they carry Lance into Paris safely. He's only 2:42 ahead of Basso and 5:58 ahead of Jan, which is perfect as long as Lance doesn't get mixed up in a crash in between here and Paris - 7 consecutive Tour wins!


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