Monday, July 18, 2005

Wedding Crashers is mildly entertaining and somewhat overrated.

Yesterday I went to see Wedding Crashers. First let me preface that I was hoping to pull a last minute persuade to see Charlie vs. the Chocolate Factory or War of the Worlds - but at the same time I was kind of thinking that this Old School-esque movie would be pretty enjoyable. So I go ahead with the original plan to see Wedding Crashers - and found it pretty mediocre. To be fair, there a couple good things about this movie. First - I am glad to see that Hollywood has finally started to lighten up and revert back to the good ol' days of packing their mainstream comedies full of topless girls. A nice precedent was set in the 80's (i.e. Caddyshack, Back to School, Meatballs 1-3), and I'm glad to see studio execs recognizing their value and bringing 'em back. Second - there are some funny parts in the movie - Rachael McAdams boyfriend in particular is probably my favorite character, what a turd.
What I didn't like about this movie - the dialogue between the two leads seemed really forced and awkward a lot of the time. Especially at the first of the movie when they are having to explain to each other how much they love weddings and all the techniques they use to pull off these crashes - haven't they been doing this for years? Do they need to talk about it? There has to be a less obvious way of setting up the situation. What really, really bugged me about this movie was how much all the people in the audience were loving every second of it... all the cliche jokes, all the parts that we have already seen in the trailer, all the physical humor (Vince Vaughn getting repeatedly tackled) - all of it. Was it really that funny? Did I miss something? Most likely not.
All in all, the movie is somewhat entertaining I guess, it would probably be a good rental. But, it certainly does not live up to the expectations of Old School and it definitely does not deserve all the cred it has been getting.


Blogger Gang of Idiots said...

Have to agree somewhat with Fraser. I really liked Wedding Crashers which means I probably liked more than you did, but I definitely don't put in Old School's class after my first viewing.

The movie audience definitely ate it up so I think it's safe to say that Vaughn and Owen Wilson are mainstream now.

I have to admit that I love Owen Wilson no matter what he does so I found the exchanges between him and Vaughn to be fairly humorous. But there were definitely parts of this movie that drug out and they definitely pushed the envelope sometimes where they probably didn't need to go (the gay son of the Secretary). I probably could have gone without his character even being in the movie.

The love stories were sort of goofy and drawn out too. Besides that, I would definitely recommend checking this one out in the theater, but in now way was this movie 4X better than old school which I heard claimed on Saturday night.

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Blogger Henry Emerson said...

i haven't seen it yet... i'll wait to rent it.

fraser, you can check out my blog if you would like.

lets talk sometime soon,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


quit trying to analyze comedies so much. It was a extremely funny movie that showed a lot of very good looking topless women. It is mindless entertainment and you need to just sit back and enjoy instead of trying to find out everything you hate about it. It wasn't the greatest movie of all time but it wasn't as bad as you say it was. Don't expect every movie to be your star wars. By the way I love your blog.



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