Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"The Aristocrats" not to be confused with "The Aristocats"

Recently, I have heard a lot of chatter about this new film, The Aristocrats. (check out the trailer if you haven't seen it) Apparently there is this ongoing joke between comics called the Aristocrats... it is supposedly the dirtiest joke ever. The movie is basically 40 some-odd comics all telling their version of this terrible joke. I haven't seent this movie yet, but kinda want to... I was doing some searches on the net to find out what the story is with this joke and found a couple links. Here is South Park's take on it the Aristocrats. And here is a site with a few versions of the joke on it - WARNING: if you have a squeamish stomach, or are offended by incest, beastiality, and pretty much all of the worst things that you can't even fathom - then do not check these links. Let me also say that I do not condone these jokes, I actually find them gross, but my job as a blogger is to report the facts and do in-depth investigations on what's going on in our world. I hope some soccer mom with a minivan full of kids does not get this movie confused with the Disney animated feature - The Aristocats. Ha! Bob Saget is kinda awesome.


Anonymous the sister said...

i finally remembered to check out your are you work at all? i like your laguna tid bit, did you watch this week? what's with all the girls getting extensions? all the fake hair kinda freaked me out. any way, i like your blog, it's funny...and i'm thinking i will stick with the AristoCATS just to be safe.


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