Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Music :: Radiohead

As I am sure we all know - today Radiohead dropped their new album available as a free download on their website... I tried to find the album art for the album online, but apparently it doesn't exist, so I have created my own. I recommend that you click on the image then download the hi-res pic and drag it into your album artwork in iTunes. Maybe I will upload it to iTunes that way everyone can get it... When I did a google image search for the album art work a random pic of a hot German girl drinking a dunkel was one of the first pics to pop up... and I kinda like it - here it is:Ok - so I guess I should talk about the new album a bit, I have listened to it twice now and some songs are starting to stick out... specifically Reckoner and House of Cards. Videotape is the only thing on the album that is disappointing. On Hail to the Thief "Wolf at the Door" was such an epic ending, was kind of hoping for another big finish. Anyway, it is def. worth checking out... this evening I will revise this blog and give it a better review, kind of crunched on time right now. Just wanted to get the album art work out there for people to start using.
Here is a sample from the album, remember to go to and get the whole thing - and throw them a few dollars.
Radiohead - House of Cards


Blogger Sara Eleta said...

Hey Matt. Thanks for sharing!

I think... hahahaha.

The pay what you please thing is really cool, and I like the new song. Your artwork... well, not so much. :)

7:41 PM  

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