Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who Wants To Get Fat?

This weekend the legendary State Fair Of Texas rolls into town once again for another month of debaucherous indulgence. Due to the amount of positive feedback from last year's Texas State Fair Food Preview, the Stay Classy staff has decided to make it an annual story. If you'll remember from last year, the new food that was getting so much pub was the Fried Coke, which turned out to look like this (see picture).
I think it left most folks a bit disappointed (unlike the previous year when the Fried Oreos stole the show). I tried the Fried Coke and the Fried Macaroni last year, and was only marginally impressed by each. My "go to" Fair fare has always been, and will always be the Turkey Leg, which is closely followed by the Fletcher's Corn Dog. As far as the rides go, the Pirate Ship is pretty much where it's at. However, last year I rode the ride that drops you from hundred feet in the air (it's adjacent to the Pirate Ship), it is pretty fun as well. I am gonna try and make it out the Fair before TXOU this year, that way I can make sure and try all the new foods and maybe this time I can offer a post-Fair recap.
Also, a new feature included this year is the location of each vendor... which is very important because one year it took me 45 minutes to find the chocolate dipped key lime pie. Alrighty, well here we go with the Stay Classy Dallas Fair Food Preview '07.

This year's new additions -

Deep Fried Latte - This one is the "Fried Coke" of this year's Fair. It has been getting a lot of publicity... Their buzz phrase is "they'll make you fat and keep you awake" and comes from the folks at Desperado's on Greenville, which has the best puffy tacos in town. Here's what you get... a fried pastry topped with cappuccino ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and instant coffee powder. Sans the coffee powder, I think they are on to something here... Fried pastry - check... mocha icecream - check... caramel sauce - check. ****
Location: Nimitz Drive

Fried Cookie Dough - This is the new entry from the Fried Coke camp... when asked about the his new fried-confectionary monstrosity, Able Gonzalez Jr. said, "I'm not sure we have another Fried Coke" "I don't think I be able to beat that type of excitement again," "That was crazy."- so it looks like the Fried Coke folks are shaking in their boots. The cookie dough is chilled, then battered, fried and topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream... There will be an "everything" cookie dough with chocolate chips, coconut, and pecans... and he's thinking about an oatmeal raisin. I enjoy cookie dough and think this one may pick steam once the Fair opens.****
Location: Nimitz Drive near the Embarcadero

Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites - This is a scoop of guacamole that is breaded, fried, and served with ranch dressing or salsa. I am interested in this one, as these are all things that I enjoy. The quality of the guacamole will be crux of this one.****
Location: Midway in the Thrill Zone

Peach Cobbler on a Stick - What we have here is basically a portion of peach cobbler and dumplings rolled in pastry dough, skewered and fried. It is then dusted with sugar and cinnamon. This one is kind of a stretch, why does it need to be on a stick? ** - for the schtick factor.
Location: Tower Building

Fernie's Fried Chili Frito Burrito - Chili and Fritos wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried. Topped with cheese sauce, grated cheddar cheese, jalapenos, sour cream, hot sauce and onions. Sounds like this is not one that you wanna eat early in the day. I will be eating this one at the fair this year.****
Location: Dock Restaurant inside the Embarcadero Building.

Fried Banana Pudding
- This one also harnesses the genius of "tortilla technology"... banana pudding wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried and topped with whipped cream, sugar, and cinnamon. I enjoy banana pudding just as much as the next guy, but I don't know if a fried tortilla oozing banana pudding is what I want to chaw on while getting my picture screen printed on a T-shirt.**
Location: Tower Building

Mama's Fried Sweet Potato Pie - As does this one... Pie filling wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried and topped with sugar and cinnamon. I love sweet potato pie, bet this one will be pretty worth trying out.***
Location: Cotton Bowl Plaza & Midway

Here is a new Stay Classy idea that I would like to see on the Midway next year...

Deep Fried Strait Plate
- We start with the Maudie's Strait Plate and dump the whole thing in a giant flour tortilla and carefully fold it up into a kind of big package, then we take the package and batter it in banana pancake batter and deep fry it. It is then sprayed with a maple syrup aerosol gun and served with a tiny American flag stuck on top.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Post....My one disagreement ---- is your low star ranking on the Fried Banana Pudding....2 Stars...??? This sounds amazing - Keep in mind, I love banana pudding...I wasn't sure on Fried Latte but once I read the desription...I like where they are going...M is for...."Is that MY Tom Collins"


3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of your top 7 posts of '07.

Want all Stay Classy readers to look out for me at the fair as I will be trying the Zesty Fried Guacamole Bites and Fried Chili Frito Burrito on the same day. Just letting you know, cause I love America. Fuck Yea.


10:24 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Don't get me wrong CD, I am intrigued by the fried banana pudding... but I can't just give every one of the desserts 4 stars, that would kinda jeopardize my cred as a legitimate fair food critic. So I had to pick and choose a little.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Brad said...

fried guac sounds amazing. I love bannana pudding but even I'm not sure about that one.

12:06 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

if the fried strait plate makes the fair next year i'll be proud that my banana pancakes played an intregal role in the first template...

i'm going with the frito burrito (though i think sonic all ready does this) and cookie dough. cobbler sounds great, but you're right, it pissed me off that they got cute and put it on a stick..

this of course will follow at least four corndogs to make up for last year's mishap...

12:58 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

on TXOU there is a 51% i am gonna have two turkey legs throughout the day and around 6 beers... i will also be having the cookie dough. I am gonna head to the fair this weekend, so I will have the setup scouted out.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Hanks said...

When will you post the Fraser 5 (the 5 things all ladies must do to win Fraser's heart while at the Fair)?

9:39 PM  

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