Thursday, July 10, 2008

Radiohead & Le Tour

Don't know how I could have missed this from the first time around. Radiohead covering Bjork's Unravel for the the Thumbs Down webcast they did a few months ago, so great. Maybe the best Bjork song covered by Radiohead.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, here comes the ultimate Joy Division party track, Ceremony covered by Radiohead as well.

Also want to apologize to all those Stay Classy die-hards looking for Tour updates, I haven't really been paying close attention to the race this year. However I did see a very kick-ass individual time trial yesterday that was pretty great. Gotta get over there one of these years and witness this S in person. Yesterday's time trial winner and the current rider in the Maillot Juane is Stefan Schumacher of the Gerolsteiner team. Just found a highlight video of the time trial - check it out.

I missed it, but apparently Alejandro Valverde had a bad fall today, but is going to continue the race. Cadel Evans is probably my favorite rider this year and he is sitting pretty in 4th. He had a nice time trial as well, plus he is a pretty well rounded classic rider - the test will be in the Alps and Pyrenees. However, I don't really know if the Silence-Lotto Team can support him to a Tour victory. Here he is in yesterday's time trial.
Also, Tom Boonen - which is my favorite sprinter, was banned from the Tour a couple weeks ago because he tested positive for cocaine. So that sucks - I think I actually made a point... oh I def. did (eesh), to say in last year's Tour coverage that Tom Boonen was publicly against doping. Guess old Tom is too worried about getting smashed and chasing ladies around Western Europe to worry about an upcoming Tour - kinda disappointing.


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Great "ceremony" video. Nice find.

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