Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Music Thursday :: The dø

Here is something completely new and different, The dø! The dø is an indie pop duo from Paris and Helsinki. They just released their first full album, A Mouthful in Europe this month (not available in the US, yet) that completely unique and very great.

They are about as eclectic as it gets - one of best tracks on the album, At Last kinda sounds like a Velvet Underground track, layered with a gorgeous female vocal lead. Which brings me to the best thing about this band, the incredibly mysterious and exotic vocalist, Olivia Merilahti. Give a listen and check out their myspace - she is quite lovely.

That's all I've got for these guys - great album, will be one of the best of 2008... BTW is it just me or has 2008 been somewhat unimpressive as far as music goes?
Here are a couple samples of
The dø, enjoy!

The dø Myspace

The dø - At Last
The dø - The Bridge Is Broken


Blogger Phil said...

Hey you guys!! The do is a totally great and awesome band.

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