Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David Ford Tonight @ HOB

UK singer/songwriter David Ford is playing a show at HOB tonight opening for Aimee Mann. His style is kinda similar to Damien Rice or Amos Lee, but he does a lot of looping as well so it seems as if you could also compare him to KT Tunstall. His new album, Songs For the Road came out in April, and there are some really nice moments on it. Enjoy a sample track off his new album below. I am gonna check it out tonight - if anyone is down for seeing some live music tonight, give me a shout. I also secured a photo pass, so I am gonna do some shooting as well.

Lots of music this week, a friend fell into some Deathcab VIP's last night, so we went and did that as well. Rogue Wave opened, I am not too familiar with their music, but they did play the two songs I knew - don't think there is really anything special about those guys. Deathcab was really good though - the mishmash of fans was almost as interesting to see as the show. Half your basic concert-going indie crowd, half adolescents with their parents. The show was great though, great seats! I have seen them a couple times and it was good to see them perform the new material. Ben Gibbard is slimming up these days and looking a lot more rock n roll - his every man appearance which made them so interesting is yesterday's new I guess.

David Ford - And So You Fell


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