Friday, October 27, 2006

The Night Time is the Right Time.

Halloween weekend is always a pretty great time. I am going to be Dog the Bounty Hunter this year complete with a can of bear mace and a badge that reads "I will beat you in front of God and everyone here." Going to be a fun weekend. We normally bring the pain with a group costume, but it didn't really come together this year. Here are some shots from years past.
Last year as Team Zissou:And the year before that as the Red Sox:Which is where we saw these guys who had the best costumes I had ever seen:
We just had our office Halloween party and costume contest and my buddy Lawrence demolished the competition with this getup, unbelievable - I thought I was a Star Wars fan before I met this guy:And my friend Dale went as "Every Dallas Douchebag You've Ever Met" complete with the scent of both AXE and TAG body spray.
And Bree and Sara (of SaraStories blog fame) came as a Little Miss Sunshine and a Disgruntled Emo Chick.
So... already seen some good costumes - looking to see some more tonight. Everybody have a fun Halloween.


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let's see some Dog pics


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