Monday, October 23, 2006

If you can manage to fit another show in between Lost, Prison Break, The Nine, 24, Grey's Anatomy, etc., I highly recommend checking out Studio 60. I am going to spare you the details of the show, as I am sure you have heard some chatter about it already. If you were a fan of The West Wing, you are either already watching this show and love it, or def. should be. It is shot just like it (kinda low lit), and has a similar rhythm. Matthew Perry is great, as well as Amanda Peet - good casting. So NBC hit a homerun with Studio 60... why are they also doing another show with basically the same premise - 30 Rock is what it's called I think. It's a great premise for a show, interesting it hasn't been done yet - and then this year there are two? I am kinda interested in it as well - Alec Baldwin can be pure gold. Sorry about the lack of posts recently - kinda weak I know... more content coming soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should watch Heroes. It is an awsome show. I am totally into it.

Make it to A town this weekend. could be fun.

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