Monday, March 20, 2006

Bob Maplethorpe... potential getaway driver, GO!

"I'm a risk taker. I'm growing an entire crop of marijuana plants in my parent's back yard." Some of the Longhorn faithful Punchers were in town this past weekend for the Tournament and fun. Saturday was a day of debauchery for some of the more hardcore basketball fans... namely Grief, Cody, Settineri, and Andy who spent the afternoon at the MAT. At the MAT they ran into some older Delts, namely J Rog and Mayo... and who did they have with them? None other than Bob Maplethorpe! For people out there who are unfamiliar with Bob Maplethorpe - you first need to climb out from under your rock, and then go rent Bottle Rocket. Sadly, I was not there to witness this - showed up too late. But I def. heard about it when I arrived. Of course by this time Grief was rockin' the glass eyes, and he yelled at me 6 times "You missed Bob!" before he followed up with Maplethorpe, he then proceeded to eat half of Adriana's french fries after meeting her 10 minutes earlier. Cody (who loves Bottle Rocket more than anyone) said that he couldn't even look at Bob - fear of bursting into laughter. Pretty cool sighting...

"I been through some pretty heavy shit myself. If your feeling alone, like nobody in the world cares and nobody in the world gives a shit, then I'm here. I'm ready to listen, man. If you want I'll even open up first. My brother (Futureman) - - That's a shit situation. He beats the crap out of me all the time." - Bob Maplethorpe


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