Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Eagle*Seagull Tonight @ The Cavern

One of my favorite bands of the moment is Eagle*Seagull. They are still pretty under the radar - but a lot of critics are comparing them to Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. I don't really think that they sound like either band, the only thing they have in common with these band is being really, really good. They are playing tonight at The Cavern, but I don't think they are going on until 10 30 or 11 00. The price of admission is only $6 and the Cavern is pretty small - so it will be an intimate gathering. If anyone wants to go - gimme a call. Alright - I found some links to couple of their songs - they are both great. Highly recommended.

- Photograph mp3
Eagle*Seagull - Your Beauty is a Knife mp3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only go see a bands that have 10 members and over.

I think you should move to Montreal.

4:38 PM  

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