Thursday, October 30, 2008

In the spirit of the season, I thought I should post one of my favorite horror films of all time. The original Night of the Living Dead. The undead is definitely my favorite horror theme, and this is the film that set the tone. Directed by George Romero in 1968, Night of the Living Dead was the most graphic, goriest film to date. The film also made way for both the slasher and splatter film sub-genres.
I love the hypothetical situation that a zombie infection presents. What would you do if this happened tomorrow morning? Judging by what I have seen, the best idea is to have a radio close at hand to listen to the emergency broadcast. Hopefully other survivors have barricaded themselves in a base and will be broadcasting their location. If that is not an option, then get your ass down to the mall. If you haven't seen this film, it is definitely worth stopping down for an hour or so and watching it, definitely a cool flick.


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Coven is my favorite horror film.

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