Friday, June 23, 2006

If you are looking for some new music to buy this weekend - check out Hotel Lights. The brains behind Hotel Lights is Darren Jesse, who used to be the drummer for Ben Folds Five. Hotel Lights, however is a big departure from Ben Folds - the only common ground being an instantly likeable pop sensibility. As you will find from listening to the samples provided below, this band will probably soon be a big hit in the indie pop arena. Better hurry as I am sure that they will be featured on the OC soon, and don't you wanna say that you knew them before they were on the OC? - is the OC still on TV?
Hotel Lights - A.M. Slow Golden Hit
Hotel Lights - Let Me Be The One


Blogger Castles In The Sand said...

Hey Matt! Thanks for helping me get the blog thing going again. A few things: Harrowdown Hill on Thom Yorke's album = awesome. How's the Coachella DVD? And, I'll have to get you to show me how to post MP3's soon. Have a good weekend. Hope you're still seeing clearly! YAY, Dr. Booth!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous yo'ol'man said...

checked out sara's blog. interesting. dad

10:54 PM  

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