Monday, June 19, 2006

ScalesRates and Idiot's Guide to Sports Need a Gut Check.

There is a situation that has developed recently that I find a little disturbing. That is the lack of participation by my bloggin brethren, Hammond and Trampe. People are out there eagerly awaiting your entries. You guys have got to get back on the wagon... Trampe, The Mavs are in the Finals for God's sake! Don't you have something to say - especially after last night's game? Hammond - we need more ratings of snacks, cell phones, shoes, books and music! I am tired of clicking on your blog link and seeing that frozen lemonade pic. I know you've got some fresh opions on new consumer goods - let's hear 'em.


Blogger V. Hammond said...

Fraser- I actually am a little embarassed to say that I've switched blogs (once again). It's more political and controversial. Also, the bar is killing me- at first I didn't have time- (now I just might blog instead of studying- great excuse).


read at your own risk.

Also, I need your #. I owe you a phone call my friend. Saw Lyrics Born tonight. Yes sir.

3:55 AM  

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