Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What a trip! It was kinda last second, but ended up being amazing. Sam, Andy, and myself left the D after work on Thursday and headed Northwest to Purg... We arrived in Colorado on Friday morning and then had three of the best ski days ever. There was an incredible amount of powder (dumped all last week) for April (April... are you kidding me?) And two of the three days it was 45 and sunny... On Saturday it dumped all day as well. Big thanks to Brundage's sister Jenny for offering up here condo for us to stay in while she was out of town... There was definitely tons of antics all weekend, lots of bails by all members of the party. It was definitely kinda funny the first day out... None of us had been on the slopes for a couple of years and we were all kinda delirious from the drive up. We start our descent down the first bumpy Black (used to be no big deal), and it was just ugly... That next chair lift ride up there was a lot of silence. Here a couple candid shots after the first morning on the mountain:Needless to say we all kinda felt defeated at that point... Good news is things got better quick, and by the second day we were back to where we left off. The rest of the trip was amazing - Sunday was the last day of the season, so everyone from Durango was on the mountain partying... too bad we stayed out until 5:00 the night before and didn't get to mountain until 1:30 - unbelievable. It was still a great day of skiing though - here are some more pics of the trip... Sam took the best shot of the trip - Andy and I kicking it in some lawn chairs at the bottom of the mountain.


Anonymous sam said...

i disagree. the best picture taken is definitely the last one. what a bunch of nerds.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous sam said...

also, click on my name. pretty funny.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous wouldn't you like to know said...

you guys are goofballs

12:08 AM  
Anonymous l.fraser said...

midgie concensus: headline graphics are sick out.

11:47 AM  

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