Thursday, February 23, 2006

Americans Demand to Win Everything.

It's about midnight and for some reason I am sitting at my computer checking blogs and oddly enough listening to the album Dave Matthews Band "Crash". Was perusing some Doves albums and accidentaly clicked on this album and kinda let it keep rollin... up to "Drive In Drive Out" right now - which I used to dig BIG TIME. As much as I kinda have dismissed Dave Matthews, I still have a bit of a soft spot for it. Maybe it is because it was pretty much the main thing I listened to when I first got to college. The Castillian loved itself some Dave Matthews - at any point in a day you could roam a hall and you were guaranteed to hear Dave coming out of a room. Those were some good times... Just went back to listen to #41 for a second time... that's it. Speaking of #41 - there was this dude that used to live at my old apartment complex and his car (late model 3 series silver Beamer) had a license plate that read DMB 41. This guy was instantly branded a tool although I hadn't ever seen him... until one day. So I am rolling down to work one morning in mid-Febuary on my bike - back in the day I used to ride my bike to work, it was kinda fun and I could get to work door-to-door in 6 minutes flat. So this guy pulled up next to me at the stop light and I look at him and he is kinda snickering at me for riding my bike I guess... as he pulls away I see that HE IS THE DMB 41 GUY!... I couldn't believe it, this overweight Mauji Jim wearing dork with vanity DMB plates is laughing at me! AAARGH! What a loser. The original purpose of this post was going to be the Winter Olympics and how I have finally realized that it doesn't matter if we do well or not, there is no reason we should have the best ski jumper/luger/hockey team in the world - maybe I will delve into that sometime soon... Definitely need to put up an Olympics post before they are over.


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