Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lonelygirl15 - what the hell is going on?

I came across this today checking out some blogs @ This whole thing is most interesting. Go to this website and check it out. Lonelygirl15. It has turned into sort of a youtube phenomenon. What is the underlying motive beneath all of this? I don't think it's legit, the lighting and editing are too well done. She is also too attractive and her mannerisms are too pronounced - she is def. an actress. There is also some sort of a weird religious occult thing that they keep mentioning and hinting at. Why does she have a shrine to Aleister Crowley in her room? I personally think that it has something to do with the Hanso initiative - at any rate it's going to be interesting to see where they are going to go with this - whoever is behind it.
Most of her video blogs don't offer a lot to move the plot along - below are two of the more interesting vlogs. The blogger for the New York Times thinks that is just a viral to get people to download the songs that are featured in each vlog. If that is the case, then it's pretty genius - but I am still holding out hope that it's going to be intergrated into Lost somehow (she does say that she lived in New Zealand and Australia.) If you are confused by this post, you should go to her youtube page and watch the videos. Here is a link to a fansite - It's probably the easiest way to view the video in chronelogical order. F-ing weird man. Most likely, it's some viral for a new movie or something - but it's still pretty interesting. Here's a pretty good take on the whole thing by another blogger - if your interested.


Anonymous jb said...

This is in response to an older post, LG15.
There is no way this girl isn't a complete fraud. The room is BS, no HS room ever looked that stark.
Read the NY Times blog on this, there are some interesting new twists and turns being brought up.

BTW. She's a piece of A**

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Blogger Matt said...

this is probably the most interesting thing that has ever graced the pages of Stay Classy Dallas - everyone should invest the time to get involved - as it is evolving every day.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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