Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Music :: Evangelicals

Evangelicals are pretty much great times 12. I have found myself slowly listening to this more and more and had a moment of clarity this afternoon when I realized this album may be the best new music out there. Oddly enough, they are apparently from Norman, which I didn't know until just now when I looked them up. That is kinda interesting - here we have Norman, OK, the land full of Sooner douche, and somewhere trapped in that mess is a bastian of indie music greatness, which also produced the Starlight Mints and the Flaming Lips. This is both confusing and intriguing to me. Some of the songs on this album kinda sound like Broken Social Scene and some of it kinda sounds like Clap Your Hands, but different then both. Really, really great music for 2008.
2008 is the first year where when I say it or type it I kinda feel futuristic... 2007 didn't really have that feeling - but 2008 definitely does. Is anybody else with me on this? We are kinda in the future these days I think. Think about it, plasmas are kinda everywhere; I carry all my music in my phone; I can watch episodes of Rob and Big and Mythbusters anytime I choose... the future is upon us.
Here are a couple samples off the new Evangelicals album that is pretty much a must buy to anyone that likes good new music. Party Crashin' is a fav of mine.
Evangelicals - Skeleton Man
Evangelicals - Party Crashin'
Evangelicals - March 11th @ The Cavern


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooner douche? Maybe if you judge by the visitors on one weekend in weekend to your city (which very well could be the douchebag capital of the world-- take that, Turin!), but things be cool here.

7:14 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

I just lost it on the future commentary. "We are kinda in the future these days I think."--M. Fraser

Classic. Got some new art to show you this weekend.

9:54 AM  

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