Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top Tracks of 2007

These are tracks off albums that I didn't include the Top 20 of 2007... these were some of my favorite songs of the year, so I figured it was worth posting. I am gonna include the tracks so you can listen to 'em in case there are a couple you haven't heard. That's kinda what I'm doing here, songs that you might not have heard in the past year that were especially good.

10. Momma's Boy - Chromeo
mp3 :: Momma's Boy

9. Collarbone - Fujiya & Miyagi
mp3 :: Collarbone

8. We Used To Vacation - Cold War Kids
mp3 :: We Used To Vacation

7. Ash Wednesday - Elvis Perkins
mp3 :: Ash Wednesday

6. Wolves - Phosphorescent
mp3 :: Wolves

5. Been There All The Time - Dinosaur Jr.
mp3 :: Been There All The Time

4. International Players Anthem - UGK (ft. Outkast)
mp3 :: International Players Anthem

3. Changing Colours - Great Lake Swimmers
mp3 :: Changing Colours

2. Time To Pretend - MGMT
mp3 :: Time To Pretend

1. 2080 - Yeasayer
mp3 :: 2080


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love elvis p!...and i like wolves but i think cocaine lights is better...
thanks for the tracks..


11:12 AM  

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